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Welcome to the Florida ISA website!

The INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ARBORICULTURE is a professional organization dedicated to continuing education for arborists, to tree care research, and to serving tree care consumers around the world. The FLORIDA CHAPTER of the ISA shares this same dedication, with a further commitment to serving the needs particular to Florida's professional arborists and tree care consumers.

Upcoming Seminars and Events

Outdoor Tree School
Moss Park - Orlando
Friday, March 9, 2018
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Sustainable Landscapes for Trees & Shrubs
West Palm Beach - Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Tampa - Friday, March 23, 2018
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TREE SCHOOL: An Applied Arboriculture Short Course
This is a 2-day class - you attend both days
Orlando - Tuesday and Wednesday
April 3 and 4, 2018

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What's New at Florida Chapter ISA


The Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) opposes the proposed Florida legislation which reduces the ability of local governments to regulate trees. At a December 2017 meeting, the Florida ISA Board of Directors discussed potential impacts of the legislation and unanimously agreed that this drastic approach would have far-reaching negative impacts for the State of Florida and should be voted down by the legislature. The Florida Chapter ISA believes that the proper practice of arboriculture includes regulations. These regulations can take many forms, including the ability, for example, to require the removal of some trees to stop the spread of disease, or to protect trees that take many years to mature and provide numerous benefits from unnecessary removal by a short-sighted land owner.

The vast majority of people love trees and are willing to pay extra to live near them. But there are a few that don’t. And for those few, regulation is necessary because the complete loss of their trees can greatly impact our collective quality-of-life.  Trees can be thought of as a necessary utility that drastically improves harsh urban settings. The management of that necessary utility can become awkward and difficult, not unlike electric power whose delivery system (power poles) can be unsightly.  Yet, we all tolerate the power poles because without electric power, our quality-of-life would be reduced. We all tolerate some inconveniences for the improvement of quality-of-life. Trees in urban areas are  wonderful, necessary utilities and worth the well thought-out regulations imposed by local communities and governments.

However, regulations can sometimes go too far. Government often uses financial penalties to discourage the removal of trees, thus making trees a weapon.  This only turns trees into enemies and gives people a reason to dislike them.  The protection of trees is good; the protection of EVERY tree may not be good. An urban forest consists of trees placed among urban infrastructure. Our quality of life only requires us to share space with an urban forest as we reap all of their benefits. 

We urge the Florida Legislature to vote down the proposed tree legislation.  

For the Board of Directors,
Norm Easey, Florida ISA CEO


FLORIDA TCC March 10 and 11, 2018!
The 2018 Florida TCC Scheduled for March 10 and 11 at Moss Park, Orlando, FL

Florida Chapter ISA Grant Program
The Florida Chapter ISA is pleased to announce a new open enrolement period for our Arboriculture Grant Program. The goal of the Florida Chapter ISA Arboriculture Grant Program is to fund research, educational, and promotional materials development relevant to Florida arboriculture and in accordance with the Florida ISA mission statement. Awards range from $20,000 to $50,000 annually up to a maximum of $150,000 project total.

2018 Grant Pre Proposal Application Form
2018 Pre Proposal Form Instructions

Application deadline April 1st


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UF Professor, Dr. Jason Smith needs our help!
Please send fresh fruiting bodies of Ganoderma lucidum-like specimens wrapped in wax paper and shipped overnight in a crush-proof box. If you are unsure if a conk is G. lucidum-like, and would like to send an image for verification send to aloyd@bartlett.com . Shipping cost can be covered and arranged with Andrew Loyd (aloyd@bartlett.com) if needed. Please send to:
UF School of Forest Resources & Conservation | c/o Jason Smith Lab (Andrew Loyd)|
212 Newins-Ziegler Hall | PO Box 110410 | University of Florida | Gainesville, FL 32611.

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The Florida Chapter ISA in now a Member of the Florida Green Industry Coalition. Learn more about it here

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